12. Februar 2015


The Dolomites have become even more bike-friendly in occasion of the UCI World Championships on 27 June. In fact, the mountain range now has new mountain bike trails you can ride to your heart’s content during summer, open to all levels.

The Dolomites, one of the most beautiful natural landscapes in the world. No other mountain range in the Alps can boast such a stunning view. The alpine landscape surrounding the Sella Massif is breathtaking and is one of the most famous landscapes in the world: so much so that it has been inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage Site list.

The Südtirol Sellaronda HERO was born in 2010 and, since then, the mountainsides of the white mountains have been home to an ever growing number of mountain bikers. This was only possible thanks to the extensive work carried out on the paths and trails by local public administration. This summer will see larger groups of bikers making the most of the Dolomites, exploring the area on their mountain bikes in absolute safety.

Downhill MTB adrenaline.
Welcome to the Dolomites: experience new, thrilling rides with our new single trails and Enduro trails. The new, adrenaline-packed world for the daredevil, gravity-defying mountain biker in you!

Tourism is being reshaped as we speak, emerging and changing together with the  HERO: a sustainable and green tourism for the Dolomites’ sensitive landscape. It doesn’t come as a surprise that even Reinhold Messner, the most famous South Tyrolean in the world, has decided to support this ‘new’ way of living the mountains. The Südtirol Sellaronda HERO promotional video, where he recounts his experience of the Dolomites, was met with resounding success.

Single trails fact sheet

Single trail Frara

The Frara single trail starts from Passo Gardena (2,121 m) and descends coasting the ski slope until the Plans-Frara gondola lift to Colfosco (1,645 m). It is around 3 km long, with an elevation gain of 470 metres.
Piz Enduro Tour
An Enduro trail (49 km and 3,480 m elevation gain) in the village of Badia (1,324 m) taking you to Colfosco (1,568 m) across the plateaus between Piz La Ila and Piz Sorega. Use of lift facilities expected. Be prepared for a steep trail of nearly 800 m elevation gain.

Single trail Bec de Roces

Start from the Passo Campolongo (2,160 m) on the Bec de Roces, a beautiful downhill trail ending in Arabba (1,600 m), lasting 3,300 m and with 510 m elevation gain.
Single trail Pordoi
The Pordoi single trail, which starts from Passo Pordoi at 2,239 m and finishes in Pont de Vauz (1,839 m), stretching for 2,700 m and with a 385 m elevation gain.

Freeride Park Belvedere
Demanding bikers will meet their match on the Freeride Park Belvedere: an over 7km-long trail with 800 m elevation gain. The trail starts from Passo Pordoi and ends at Canazei (1,440 m).

Freeride Ciampinoi

An adrenaline-packed trail which starts from the mountain station of the Ciampinoi gondola lift (2,140 m). The Freeride Ciampinoi trail takes you to Selva Gardena (1,600 m) across 2,700 m and on 550 m elevation gain.
Single trails passo Sella e passo Gardena
Val Gardena will open other three Enduro itineraries in the summer of 2015 from Passo Sella (2,244 m) running for 4.5 km and 600 m elevation gain and from Passo Gardena (2,121 m) for 6 km and 550 m elevation gain leading you to Selva Gardena.
Single trail Vallongia
The Vallongia single trail is also new, leading from the Vallongia hut to Selva Gardena across 2.3 km and 460 m elevation gain.

For information: www.sellarondahero.bike