28. Mai 2015

Energy points at Sellaronda HERO 2015


Your mountain bike will be your tank, your legs will be your engine, but what about the petro supply? You will need a lot of of it and all along the four Dolomites valleys you can rest assured that there will be sufficient feeding stations, three Energy Points in fact: at Corvara, Arabba, and Pian de Schiavaneis in Val di Fassa, as well as a water-point after Passo Duron. At all these stops you will be able to get Enervit products and other natural nutritional food such as sandwiches, bananas, fruit slices. Here are one or two of the numbers involved in the operation (but not all mentioned is just for you!) 7,500 sandwiches, 6,000 bottles of water, 4,000 bananas, 4,000 Enervit energy drinks, 2,500 litres of Coca Cola, 2,500 Marlene apples, and 500 kg of pasta for the pasta party. So you see there will be a mountain of refreshments – or better to say four mountains of all the stuff!

Check where the feeding stations are: http://goo.gl/vz4gOr

Südtirol Sellaronda HERO

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