10. Februar 2016


Training is now getting in full swing for the HERO Südtirol Dolomites on 18 June 2016. To help you get to the start line in Selva Val Gardena in great shape the Organising Committee has renewed its partnership with Mapei Sport Research Centre, which apart from preparing a training progreamme for all bikers registered for the HERO has made available two tests at a special promotional price – tests studied to make our future HEROes ready for action.

Getting in good condition ready to face the HERO challenge is a demanding and vital task – not for nothing is the HERO known as “the world’s toughest mountain race”! This year the race is on 18 June and as usual the start line is in Selva Val Gardena. 4016 bikers will be at the start and for them the end of winter is the time when training needs to get really serious. Facing the Dolomite challenge without proper training is not to be recommended. To help you go about your preparation we have confirmed the partnership with the Mapei Sport Research Centre, a series of training activities building on the platform adopted last year and which proved so popular among participants. Moreover the agreement stipulated with the much acclaimed Research Centre provides for two testing services ideal to help our HERO Südtirol Dolomites bikers. The less we leave to chance the less chance of a nasty surprise on the big day.

VO2max evaluation
The first of these measurements available is a maximum force type test which consists in a laboratory controlled exercise using modern equipment determining the maximum consumption of oxygen (VO2max, global indicator of the cardiocircular and respiratory efficient). The test result enables one to identify training rhythms based on cardiac frequency, it the fundamental parameter for the preparation of a personalised training programme.

Analysis of saddle position
The second proposal of Mapei is the “regulation” of the cyclist’s position on the saddle. This is possible thanks to software specific equipment and infra-red video cameras which enable one to determine the angulations characterising the position of the cyclist on the saddle when pedalling at maximum force. It is an analysis useful also in preventing constant stress resulting from excessive force in a non ideal saddle position.

Both these tests are offered to bikers registered for the HERO 2016 at a special promotional price. More information is available on info@sellarondahero.com

To discover more about the Mapei training programmes: www.herodolomites.bike