1. März 2017


Four mountain bike races spread across Italy, France and Switzerland, and all over particularly demanding courses. Who will become the “king” and “queen” of this circuit in summer 2017? The races are the HERO Südtirol Dolomites, MB Race Culture Vélo, Grand Raid BCVS and the Forestière Bulls Bikes, they making up the MTB ALPINE CUP challenge, in total adding up to more than 450 kilometres and 20,000 metres of altitude difference. Are you ready for the challenge?

As always, the Alps are the theatre of the great biking challenges. It was so from the very first competitive races, and it is even more so the fact today with the emergence of mountain biking. The mountains of north Italy have been the scene of many memorable moments, the terrain perfect to bring out the best in the many heroes of the past and present.

For this reason, the HERO Südtirol Dolomites has a fundamental role to play in the launch of the MTB ALPINE CUP, a circuit which is defined by the uphills which bikers must overcome before reaching the finish. The HERO is the only Italian race in the circuit and will be run on Saturday 17 June. Then there is the MB Race Culture Vélo in France on the first weekend in July, this followed by the Grand Raid BCVS in Switzerland on 18 August, and to complete the line-up the Forestière in France on 16 September.

The four great MTB races coming together to make the ALPINE CUP are united by a common geographical characteristic: the Alps – a home where dreams can come true. It was with this in mind that the four race organisations came together to evaluate to best effect how the races could highlight the merits of the Alps. Thousands of bikers will now have the chance to put themselves to the test and appreciate what the Alps are all about.

The UCI stands proud
HERO Südtirol Dolomites, MB Race Culture Vélo, Grand Raid BCVS and Forestière Bulls Bikes are all races which have shown to have an organisation of the highest level, a fact evident in that they are all part of the UCI Marathons Series. It is in this context that the MTB ALPINE CUP positions itself as a parallel even to the World Cup, a challenge which unites the four most spectacular mountain bike marathons in Europe.

Who will come out tops?
The MTB ALPINE CUP aims to put bikers to the test and to really push out mountain biking as an exciting sport. Bikers will compete in four different battles in an attempt to be recognised as king or queen of this fascinating circuit. More than 450 kilometres of racing and 20,000 metres of altitude difference is a challenge which has never been presented before.

It will be a little like tennis’s four Grand Slam events. Winners will have the chance to defend their crown in the various editions and the circuit winner will be the one whose points tally comes out top and this will be decided only after the final Forestière race. It is only then that the MTB ALPINE CUP will know its winners. The final classification will be a result of points won over the entire circuit. There will be prizemoney and most importantly the winners will be crowned as “king” and “queen” of the circuit, a challenge which takes place across some of the most spectacular mountain panoramas in all international biking.

[ITA]    HERO SÜDTIROL DOLOMITES   16-17 June              www.herodolomites.com
[FRA] MB RACE CULTURE VÉLO        1-2 July                    www.mb-race.com
[SVI]    GRAND RAID BCVS                 18-19 August          www.grand-raid-bcvs.ch
[FRA]  LA FORESTIÈRE BULLS BIKE       16-17 September www.la-forestiere.com