24. Juni 2015

Sellaronda HERO respect nature!

Dear Bikers, Dear Heroes,
With just a short time to go to the start of this year’s HERO race I feel a responsibiilty to write to you direct and I know that at the end of this appeal I send to you that you will realise how important it is to play your part.

Right from the very first edition of the HERO we decided to penalise with disqualification the unwelcome and uncalled for behaviour of a few bikers who, caught up in the intensity of the race, threw rubbish on the ground. This is a measure we wish to apply vigorously, also in instances of snack wrappers and cream containers being thown to the ground. Notwithstanding the imposition of this drastic measure for those who were ‘caught in the act’ the occasional offender over the years has continued to not respect our plea and the disrespectful practice which also puts at risk the animals who live in our mountains has continued.
After each year’s event the Organisers and other friends who have the wel-being of the Dolomites at heart have tried to collect as much of the rubbish and waste as possible but it is difficult to recover and eliminate all. The risk to animals is real for in past years farmers have been obliged to put down cows which have swallowed aliminium wraps and we know also that wild animals have suffered also.

During the HERO attention from all over the world is focused on us as Organisers and you as bikers and there are those who are ready to attack the mountain bike movement as being anti-environmental so it is vital that the type of behaviour I have described does not persist, for you and I know that the essence of mountain biking is that is is ‘pro environment’. This year in particular we have a great opportunity to demonstrate the fact!
Keep in your pocket your rubbish and only throw it in the bins which are provided at the feeding stations along the way. Lets take this chance to show for the benefit of ourselves and for our children who will follow us doen the Hero path that our sport is super considerate and environmental caring.

I wish you a great day’s biking in the Dolomites and let’s celebrate the HERO in the true style!

Peter Runggaldier
Race Director

Südtirol Sellaronda HERO

Via Mëisules 213
39048 Selva - Wolkenstein
Tel. +39 0471 777 900